What type of server is DiretideMC?
We are a Survival Multiplayer server with some twists, mostly inspired by the Hermitcraft series from Youtube platform by some of the most well-known players to the vanilla Minecraft community.

Are mods allowed?
We do not allow any unfair mods and urge you to play fairly, however, we do allow mods such as Optifine. Players caught using any inappropriate mods will be persecuted.

How do I become staff?
We will open a staff application forum and post information whenever we are recruiting staff. Please note that we are extremely selective about our staff. As a side note, do not ask any staff members for staffing privileges, it could get you banned.

What do I do if I am banned?
You should make an appeal on our forums and be patient while a staff member to answer your appeal.

How do I get better rank?
You can earn higher rank by voting. When you reach a vote milestone your rank will be upgraded. Use /rank in-game to get more info about ranks and perks.

What are vote points?
Vote points are points earned from voting, you can use them to purchase various things from our vote shop by using the command /voteshop in-game. We will update with the shop with more items/perks on a regular basis!