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IGN: Etomina
by Etomina » 9 months ago
It's been just over a week since DiretideMC has launched, it has been a bit of a rocky start but now are looking for new member for our staff team!

Staff application is now opened, take this opportunity to be part of our team!

We will be accepting applications from 22nd Jan 2019 till 5th Feb 2019.
We will not be accepting any application submit after the final date. The staff application forum will be locked afterwards.

All applications will be review by our staff after the final date.
Any application that have their answer edit/change after the final date will be consider invalid and will be declined on-spot.

Interested? Visit our staff application forum to get started.


If you have applied, please check your staff application for result. If you have passed application stage, we will contact you within the next 3 days.

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