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IGN: OfficialSharp
by OfficialSharp » 9 months ago
Hello my name is Dawson Hamilton also known as, OfficialSharp. I am 16 years of age and have been playing diretide for around 8 days. I know a lot about minecraft but not everything so id give myself a 7 out of 10. I can be active for 2-3 hours on a daily bases on Diretide. Also I have 2FA actived on my account so i wont be getting hacked lol. I currently own my own server so i do have knowledge around that part. If i could change one thing about the server it would have to be that there is not enough players yet. But if i become a mod i can change that. Love to hear back from you guys soon.- OfficialSharp

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IGN: Jaycidel
by Jaycidel » 9 months ago
Thank you for showing interest in being part of our team Dawson. After discussing within our team, unfortunately you have not met any of our major standards of passing the application round. We are sorry to inform you that your staff application has been denied.

Our feedback:
  • Format your staff application!
  • We like sufficient information.¬†For example "If I could change one thing ... there is not enough players yet." does not tell us how exactly it would happen, very obscure and unconvincing.
  • Lack of professionalism in your application to convey commitments of wanting to become part of our team.
  • Other factors which we may not disclose as feedback.
This conclude our assessments, feel free to re-apply again in the next round of staff recruitment.

Link to my tips for submitting a staff application:

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