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by Etomina » 10 months ago
After receiving and reviewing feedback from players, below are updates we've made to DiretideMC !

-Adjust voteshop items prices
-On death, you will now return to spawn instead of your bed.
-AFK users will no longer have [AFK] shown on tab list but instead their name will be in italic font style

-Added scoreboard, can be toggle with command /scoreboard
-Added auto block refill
  • If the block you are placing ran out, and you have the same block in your inventory, it will automatically be placed in your hand. Also applies to tools/weapons
-Added entities clean up to reduce server-side resources usage
-Added command /clearlag to check timer for next clean up
-You will no longer die from falling into the void
-You can open shulker box while it is in your hand by Shift + Right-click [ONLY AVAILABLE AFTER CERTAIN RANK]
-You can not sort items in your chests automatically by using /chestsort [ONLY AVAILABLE AFTER CERTAIN RANK]

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