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IGN: Etomina
by Etomina » about 1 year ago
After receiving and reviewing feedback from players, below are updates we've made to DiretideMC !

-Several commands triggers have been changed

-Staff team will have black container [ ] for their rank
-TabList Players will now be sorted
-Players will name have the first letter of their rank as part of their display name
-Added automatic drop pick-up, blocks mined will directly go into your inventory. Can be toggle with /autopickup
-Added player's health display under their name tag
-Added /rank commands to provide rank perks info
-Added /discord, /website that provide users our media links
-Added /edit, lets you toggle sign editing mode. Use Shift + Left Click to edit sign
-Added server shop and server shop warps
-Added enchanted books crates and crate keys to vote shop
-Blocks will now go directly into inventory when mined
-Animals will teleport with you if it is leash

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