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by Etomina » 9 months ago
After receiving and reviewing feedback from players, below are updates we've made to DiretideMC !

-Added barrier to river area to prevent players from falling into them
-PvP has been disabled in the Overworld

-Added vote system and vote shop
-Added players ranks, obtainable through voting
-Added /rtp command so you would not have to return to spawn and use the wild portal
-Added Savior Set as part of starter kit (can also be purchase from vote shop using vote points)
-Added bonus claim blocks in vote shop
-Added name tag/totem/golden apple to vote shop
-Added random teleport in The End in vote shop
-Silk Touch enchantment can break spawner (only available after certain rank)

Bug Fixed:
-You will take fall-damage in spawn area
-Warnings about TNT block being place will no longer show up in chat

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