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by Etomina » 8 months ago
After receiving and reviewing feedback from players, below are updates we've made to DiretideMC !

  • Floating text color formating around spawn, server shop, old and new player markets
  • You can no longer purchase plots from old player market
  • You can no longer make new sign shops in old player market area
  • Vote crates has been relocated in the spawn area
  • The following vote crates had their items revamped:
    • Green Crate
    • Red Crate
    • Yellow Crate
  • Adjusted some vote crate keys prices in the vote shop
  • New Player Market
  • Legend Rank Perk
    • Allows you to format the color of the message you send in chat
  • Mob Arena
    • Hell Arena Added
  • Players unable to create sign shop at the new player market
To any players who owns a shop within the old player market area, please migrate your shop to the new player market :)

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