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by Etomina » 3 months ago
  1. Only players with active standing are allowed to have shops.
  2. Do not build outside your shop plot.
  3. No joke builds, you must sell something.
  4. No farms or mobs.
  5. No noise machines, jukeboxes or annoying blocks.
  6. No redstone in anyway except for doors.
  7. ONLY 5 item frames per shop.
  8. Do not build higher than the nearby shop.
  9. No active beacons.
  10. No copying other player’s map art and reselling them.
  11. Damaging blocks like magma block are fine as decoration as no damage can be taken in the shop area.
  12. Shops with no visible builds or progress after 7 days will be reset for a new player to use.

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