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Apparently I have to ask here. So this is me asking, lol!
I want to start an exotic goods shop. Business on the high seas has been excellent. Now to turn a profit bringing the most desirable items to the landlubbers and scalywags. 
12 months ago

ClearLag removes minecarts and boats. Even named ones.
feature, or bug?
about 1 year ago

Thanks for the reply. that explains a lot! I used a creeper to test character death, so maybe not the best idea on my part.
To explain the kits; some servers sell a shulkier with two diamond picks (one with fortune, the other with silk touch) and a full set of tools and armor, all unbreakable for about $10 CAD. 
Now that I have had time to read the expanded rules and the faq, I am getting the impression this server is looking to stay away from a pay-to-win model. It seems that voting is the main currency, which appears to be a good idea as you have to be invested.
I thought this was going to go another way as the keys are usually sold, not bought with votes. I'm really liking how the server is right now, so I look forward to how it will evolve.
Thanks again!
about 1 year ago

I have played minecraft for quite a while, but I've never played on a semi-modded server like this. (Pure vanilla for me)
I see things like lava buckets have been removed (which I agree with, but it does make some things more difficult, lava grief was a massive problem where I come from). Howeverthe biggest change for me is the nerfing of fishing. I don't disagree with this, but I was wondering how I could reliably get silk touch and mending enchantements. 
As someone who plays-to-build those are pretty important to me. And with losing everything on death, and no way of getting those enchantments short of farming villagers (which might be nerfed as well) it made me curious.
I see you have a key system in the works, but will you sell diamond or unbreakable kits?
anyway, I can still have fun without mending and silk touch so I'm not worried- just curious. 
thanks for your time, And I hope to see you out there!

 ps- typed on mobile, so grammar and spelling have gone to the wind
about 1 year ago